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By cl7219
January 05, 2011
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Ok, so who amongst us hasn't made a New Year's resolution to lose weight/exercise more?


The health clubs are chock-full all through January. Some will keep going well into February and beyond, the rest are what the health clubs refer to as "profit margin". Many will be working out on the treadmills, elliptical exercisers, bicycles and participating in varying types of exercise classes to get a head start on the summer bathing suit season. I want you to be successful. I don't want an injury to be the downfall of your exercise program and New Year's resolution.


Here's how:


Wear the proper shoegear. Whether on a treadmill or doing a Zumba class, protect your feet at all times. Proper shoes/sneakers, and in good condition, are paramount. I've seen many, many problems caused by old, worn out shoes or ones not designed for the stresses of exercise. Same for exercise classes on hard floors with people being barefoot or stocking feet with no shoes. If you're starting out with brand-new shoes, break them in a bit before you exercise.


Take it slow. Speaking of breaking things in, you should break your body into the exercise routine gradually. Not just warmups, but you're not going to sweat off the extra 5-10-20 pounds in a week or two of exercise. Start slowly and build up the intensity and duration of your exercise program by about 10% per week. Too much, too soon can lead to injury and the frustration that puts a dent into your good intentions.


"Maybe it will go away." It is what I call the 5 most dangerous words in medicine. While some post exercise soreness is to be expected when starting on your program, pain that occurs during exercise or persistent pain that lasts more than a day or two warrants medical attention. Achilles Tendonitis, arch pain, shin splints, and heel pain are quite common. If recognized and treated promptly, appropriate treatment can get you back on track as fast as nature will allow.


Heel pain, frequently known as heel spur syndrome -- but more properly called plantar fasciitis will because by running or those dance classes. Achilles tendonitis or Posterior tibial tendonitis, usually experienced as pain under the peak of the arch on the inside of the foot are common overuse injuries caused by doing too much, too fast, too soon.


All can be treated by conservative means with a combination of extra support, rest and sometimes some anti-inflammatory medication. In our practice, we've found that the use of our laser therapy greatly accelerates the healing process, minimizing down time and getting you back out there ASAP.


If you have questions, or if you have a problem that needs attention, ask us a question or request an appointment. I want to help you keep your resolution!


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