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By Clark Podiatry Center
November 01, 2016
Category: Foot Care
Tags: old shoes   outgrown shoes  

Unlike adults who tend to find their shoe size and remain that size for many years, children have feet that seem to grow by the minute! You may feel like you buy a pair of shoes, only for them to grow out of them in a few months. Then you’re right back at the shoe store again. We get it. It can get expensive and tiresome. It may even seem downright wasteful! Still, we are sorry to say that moving on from old shoes is the right thing to do for your children – and for you too.

Some of you may have shoes that have been with you for years – you’ve kept them in tip-top shape. “They will last me at least another season!” you say to yourself. But again, moving on from old shoes is the right thing to do.

After footwear has gone beyond its usefulness and been worn out, instead of protecting your feet, they begin to pose risks to your foot and ankle health. Most notably, the supportive features and the ability to absorb impact become severely reduced. You will notice worn down inner and outer soles, and possibly weakened shoe structure. Continuing use of these old shoes can lead to problems such as pain, shin splints, tendinitis, stress fractures, and even foot deformities. Children whose feet have outgrown shoes will experience pain as their feet cram into shoes that are too small. And hand-me-downs are the worst, since most likely, the shoes will be shaped to the feet of the previous owner and lacking supportive features for your child.

So when should you move on? Check the following to see if your footwear is still OK:

Inner/Outer sole: Confirm that the inner sole still has cushioning and support in the arch and heel cup. Also, try to twist the shoe or fold it in half. The shoe should only give in a little bit for flexibility, but should not be able to be fully twisted or folded in half. For the outer sole, make sure there are no cracks or holes. If the shoe should have tread, make sure it is still there and providing grip. Otherwise, you may be at risk of slipping.

Heel/Rear of shoes: Look to see the shape of the back of the shoes. Does it maintain shape to cup the heel of your foot? If you look at the bottom, is it still the same shape as when you bought it? Or is there evidence that it is worn down (or in the case of high heels, are the rubber tips worn away)?

Does it hurt when you use them? – A lot of times, people put fashion over function (sometimes children do this too!). If your shoes give your feet pain, you need to listen to your feet. They are telling you very important information – and if you do not respond, you will definitely have worse problems later.

Pain is not a part of growing, and certainly should not be caused by old or worn down shoes. If you have questions or concerns regarding foot pain, contact our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy of Clark Podiatry Center. Make an appointment at our Clark, NJ office so that we can keep you walking!


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