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By Brandon Macy D.P.M.
May 13, 2014
Category: Skin cancer

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Heading into the summer months, most people are aware that sun-exposure is a risk factor in developing skin cancers.  What many forget, however, is that overexposure to the sun is not the ONLY cause of skin cancers.  The most common skin cancers are basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas.

Here are some tips from Clark Podiatry Center:

1. When applying sunscreen this summer, don't forget to apply some to the top of your foot.  This area is often neglected, the skin is thin, so it is at high risk for sunburn.

2. Learn the ABCDs of melanoma--asymmetry, border, color, diameter. 

3. Just because a spot or mole has been present on your foot and unchanged for many years doesn't necessarily mean that it is benign--or that it can't change into something more serious.  Some of the most innocent looking skin lesions can be cancerous. The key lies in early detection.  A simple biopsy which causes very little discomfort can be performed right in our office in a matter of minutes.  The peace of mind you can get from knowing what the lesion is can be priceless.

4. To learn more about skin lesions of all kinds, visit our website at www.clarkpodiatry.com.  There's information about all sorts of foot problems, and you can find more specific information about skin cancer and other lesions

5. Do you have a skin lesion that concerns you?  Contact us through our website or call us at 732-382-3470 to schedule an appointment.  You'll be glad you did.

 Malignant melanoma of the foot


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