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By Clark Podiatry Center
October 13, 2016

Did you know that October 12th is World Arthritis Day? About 50% of Americans over 65 years old suffer from arthritic foot pain. A lesser-known fact is that about 294,000 American children under the age of 18 have arthritic or other rheumatic conditions (NIAMS-NIH). Since arthritis mainly affects joints, it is possible that your children can suffer from arthritic foot and ankle pain as well. We at Clark Podiatry Center want to bring more awareness to the way that arthritis may affect you and your family.

Arthritis often presents with symptoms of pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. Since each foot has 33 joints, it’s likely that arthritis would affect our feet. This is especially true since our foot and ankle joints are constantly bearing our weight and providing us with mobility and stability. Arthritis pain and swelling in the feet or ankles need to be treated early so that it doesn’t lead to more severe issues as a result.

Symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis

When children show symptoms of arthritis, they usually present in the following ways:

• Symptoms that last for a long period time (i.e. 6 weeks or more)
• Stiff knee, ankle, or toe joints in the morning or after a long nap
• Excessive clumsiness or instability
• Immobility of the joint(s)
• Recurring pain, tenderness, redness, or heat in a joint
• Skin changes, including rashes and growths
• Swelling in joint(s) (for example: sausage toes)
• Joint cracking or popping sounds when walking
• Toenails that separate or become ingrown due to swollen toes
• Swollen lymph nodes

Children can be affected by arthritis where symptoms can flare up or calm down. When arthritis is severe enough, it can cause bones and joints (which are not yet fully developed) to grow unevenly. This is why you should come see your board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon Macy, at the New Jersey Children’s Foot Health Institute at the Clark Podiatry Center, as soon as possible. Early assessment and diagnosis can help to prevent more severe issues later. Make an appointment with us today at our Clark, NJ office, serving Union County patients. We want to keep you walking!


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