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By cl7219
December 18, 2010
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Thinking of giving a pedicure at a local nail salon as a holiday gift? Getting one for yourself in advance of a holiday party? '


There's nothing wrong with looking good and giving a bit of TLC to your feet, especially after a month of holiday shopping and attending parties in those attractive, but not so comfortable shoes. Let's go over a few things to watch for and I'll leave you with some gift ideas at the end.


One of the things that gives me the most cause for concern is that I haven't heard of too many nail technicians asking a client whether they are diabetic or if they're taking a blood-thinner such as coumadin. There are extra risks involved in either case if trimming nails or calluses results in bleeding or if a fragment of nail is left in one of the corners.


Next is the matter of ingrown toenails. Now, there's a bit of a misconception as to whether improper cutting of nails can cause ingrown toenails. Not exactly. But if the sides of the nails tend to curve in deeply, it is very easy to leave a piece behind and that piece can cause an infection if it were to break through the skin. Again, it is even a bigger risk in the presence of diabetes or if you are taking a blood thinner. If you have a tendency towards ingrown toenails, they can be treated quickly and safely in the office. "Permanent" correction can be achieved via a simple in office procedure with little or no disability. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your options.


Lastly, there's the matter of cleanliness and fungus infections. Most nail salons do a fairly good job in this regard, but they aren't held to the same standards of cleanliness and instrument sterility that you'll find in a podiatrist's office. Spa soaks and instruments are used by all the clientele and that makes plenty of people skittish about receiving pedicures.


If it is too late and you have already contracted a fungus infection of the nails, we have several means of treating it. There are oral and topical treatments,along with laser therapy. While treating fungus in nails is a difficult challenge, we have had plenty of success and good results can be obtained before the warm weather and open-toed shoes become a part of your daily wardrobe.


This brings us to prevention and some gift ideas. Either through the home page of our Clark Podiatry Center website or directly through the link to our online store, there are a few products you can use (or gift) that can give some peace of mind when receiving a pedicure. There is an anti-fungal nail polish, available in several colors, all natural and without dangerous chemicals.


Another good idea is to have the technician utilize instruments that are your and tours only. We'll even help you out. Should you order a stainless steel toenail cutter from our website, bring it to our office and we'll sterilize it in our autoclave for you whenever you get a pedicure, FREE!


Those are gifts that keep on giving!



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