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By cl7219
January 17, 2011
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I just got back from a medical conference. In the middle of winter, they aren't exactly going to be held at the North Pole, so as an incentive to increase attendance they're held in nice, warm locations such as Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Yes, I do attend [most of] the lectures and speak with the vendors, sponsors and other doctors. And yes, there's ample time to enjoy the respite from the winter weather that's in the Northeast.


What does that have to do with fungal infections of the toenails? Well, there is the taste of late spring/summer-like weather and with it there were plenty of people on the beach and poolside. Of course, there are many of us (myself included) who have work to do to look better in the swimwear come summertime. But that also applies to those who don't like the looks of their toenails. Fungal infections in the nails are ugly, often painful, and can lead to some secondary problems if unchecked.


Treating fungal nail infections is a slow, process--VERY slow--so if you want to look better when it is truly beach/pool season this summer, now is the time to begin treatment.


The last time I saw a statistic, approximately 8% of the public gets a fungal infection of the nails. I think the estimate is too low. Fungus is an environmental bug, that can be caught most anywhere, not just from pedicures at nail salons. There's a page in the library on this website that has some basic information about fungal nails.


Treating fungal nails is so difficult and slow, not because of the fungus, but because of the nail plate itself. It isn't porous like the skin, and it can take 8+ months to grow a new nail from start to finish, so growth is very slow. The thicker the nail, the more difficult it is to obtain results as well.


Over the counter topical medications and home remedies such as Vick's vapo-rub rarely work because they don't penetrate the nail very well. There's even a warning on the label of those products "do not use on scalp or nails" for that very reason. On top of that, because improvement is so slow it is difficult for most people to stick with the program long enough to see any changes, so they give up.


Percentage-wise, the best results have been achieved with the oral medication, terbinafine, also known by its trade name, Lamisil. The problem with it is that many patients do not like taking oral medications because of drug interactions or potential side effects, even though terbinafine has been shown to be relatively safe.


Roughly speaking, an equivalent success rate has been found via the use of laser therapy of toenails. Laser has been demonstrated to be both safe and effective for treatment of fungal nails. Treatment is pretty much painless and our office protocol is for three 8-minute treatments spaced a week apart. Simultaneous topical anti-fungal treatment is recommended to boost the success rate and limit additional exposure to fungus during the treatment period.


If there is any question as to whether you have a fungus infection of the nails, we'll send a sampling of your nail clippings to the laboratory for analysis prior to initiating any treatment.


Contact us to ask more questions or schedule an appointment. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the process or costs involved. We'll discuss the various treatment alternatives and preventive measures as well. But if you want those nails to look better by this summer, now is the time to act! Call or drop us a note today!







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