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By Clark Podiatry Center
January 03, 2016
Tags: Orthotics  

Have you heard the word orthotics? The word comes from Greek and means to align or straighten.

Orthotic devices fit inside your shoes and are custom-made to each individual's feet and needs. They support and comfort your feet and can also be prescribed to heal chronic foot issues and correct biomechanical foot problems. Orthotics can also help redistribute stress during sport activities to ease pain.

Because orthotics are custom fitted for each patient's diagnosed condition, they are far different from non-prescription shoe inserts available online or at retail stores. Also, each foot is different and must be molded separately.

Orthotics Can Help Many Foot and Ankle Conditions

Orthotics are designed to fulfil two purposes: accommodative or functional. Accommodative, or flexible orthotics, provide extra support and cushioning to relieve pain. A more rigid, functional orthotic is required to solve the problems and pain of ankle and foot motion.

At Clark Podiatry we often prescribe orthotics to help our patients with a variety of foot ailments including:

Orthotics Are Custom Made for Each Patient

Once we have recommended orthotics to resolve your diagnosed foot problem, we'll use a 3-dimensional digital scanning device to make very accurate images of your feet from which the orthotics will be created. We encourage patients to wear their orthotics every day in various kinds of shoes for the best outcome.

Custom orthotics are made of quality materials and can last for years with proper care. Wash them regularly using a damp towel and a mild soap.

Special Note on Orthotics for Children

It's a myth that children "grow out of" many foot problems. Some deformities like in toeing, out toeing and flat feet won't change as they age and can cause more deformities and arthritic pain in their 20s and 30s if untreated.

Custom fitted orthotics that are re-formed as your child grows can correct these problems to reduce mechanical stress and strain. The result? Biomechanical function is more efficient and less likely to cause deformity or pain.

Orthotics Can Resolve Many Foot Problems

If you or your child has any foot or ankle pain, or any observed deformities or walking or standing problems, call Dr. Brandon Macy, board certified podiatrist right away. You can find lots more information on orthotics and foot and ankle issues as well as contact details at the website. Please call our Clark office at 732-382-3470 to make an evaluation appointment today. The sooner you add custom fitted orthotics to your shoes, the quicker your foot pain or alignment problems will be relieved!


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