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By Clark Podiatry Center
April 17, 2019
Category: bone health

With Spring here, physical activity will be on the rise especially for your children. With this comes the possibility of strains and injuries especially to a child’s feet. Much of this will depend on just how strong their bones are, a critical issue for foot health, but how do we ensure their bones are in the best shape?

One of the most important factors in good bone health is maintaining proper levels of Vitamin D which is created by the skin when exposed to the sun, one more reason to put down those smart phones and video game controllers and get outside.

Factors that Interfere with bone health include:

  • Testosterone or estrogen deficiency – Both help in the development of strong bones. A blood test can help determine this.
  • Proper nutrition – eating the right foods rich in Vitamin D and calcium.
  • Obesity – excessive weight will weaken and stress bones.
  • Genetics – tendencies passed on from parents or grandparents.
  • Continued exercise especially with women – this can stop the menstrual cycle and the production of much needed estrogen.
  • Some medications – see your podiatrist for this.

It is in childhood and adolescence where bones growth wider, longer and denser. Making sure your child has enough Vitamin D and calcium in their diet is very important. Maintaining good eating habits early on will also be of great help. Keeping foods rich with Vitamin D and calcium around the house will help. Most milk, infant formula and many cereals are fortified with Vitamin D while such foods as nuts, leafy greens and fish are rich in calcium, a mineral the body cannot produce but is crucial for bone growth. 

It is recommended that infants receive 400 IU or international units of Vitamin D each day and 600 IU for children and adolescents. Children with darker skin, are obese, have little exposure to sun or suffer from specific medical conditions are prone to Vitamin D deficiencies. Children low in Vitamin D and calcium may have decreased bone mass which can be determined by your podiatrist with an x-ray called a DXA scan.

If you are concerned about your child’s bone health or have any other foot concerns, please make an appointment with us. Dr. Brandon A. Macy, who is associated with New Jersey Children's Foot Health Institute, will assess your feet and find the appropriate treatments to get you back to being active. Call Clark Podiatry at (732) 382-3470.


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