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By Clark Podiatry Center
March 16, 2020
Category: Toenail problems

We’re getting closer to “show your toes” season. That’s right. We’re talking sandals, walks on the beach, you name it. While some people are thrilled for this season, other people may be a bit more hesitant. Why? Their toes aren’t ready. It can range from a basic need for a little toe TLC such as a pedicure or a fungal toenail infection. Rest easy. Here at the Clark Podiatry Center, we treat this condition with laser therapy for fungal toenails

What are some benefits of laser technology?

This treatment option is fast, painless, and limits the risks and side effects that may come along with an oral medication. When we say fast, we’re talking a 10-minute session. If you need an additional session, we offer a low-cost program for more laser treatments.

When will my toenails look better?

It can take some time before you begin to see a new, clear nail. We say about 5 to 6 months. Whether you use oral medication or laser therapy, the fungus doesn’t “fade.” Both treatment options should destroy the fungus spores. As the nail continues normal growth, the damaged nail is eventually pushed outward.

Why can’t I just try over-the-counter options?

Fungal infections are contagious, so you are at risk of passing this condition to others. For this reason, one of the biggest incentives is to treat the infection quickly and effectively. Not getting proper treatment can continue to damage your toenail. Until you are assessed by a podiatrist, it’s best to not assume your medical treatment.

Ready to begin the journey to clear, beach-ready toenails? Make an appointment with Dr. Brandon A. Macy, a board-certified podiatrist, located at our Clark, New Jersey office. Call (732) 382-3470. Don’t forget — the New Jersey’s Children’s Foot Health Institute is also part of Clark Podiatry Center. If you have questions or concerns about fungal toenails on your children’s feet, we’re here to help.


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