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June 07, 2016
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There's been a news report out of a Chicago TV station suggesting that Crocs are either bad for your feet or should be worn on a limited basis.  Click on this to see for yourself:   http://wgntv.com/2016/06/06/wearing-crocs-may-be-bad-for-your-feet/


Are Crocs actually bad for your feet?  I think not.   I'm more inclined to see the report as sensationalism on a slow news day heading into summer. Real Crocs (not the cheap imitations--"faux crocs") have tremendous shock absorption, great if you spend time on hard floors.  In fact, a lot of people find that their backs feel better when wearing Crocs.

They're roomy. Corns and calluses are caused by anatomy,not shoes. and with so much room in the toe box area, corns on the toes are even less likely to form.

Being fairly wide, they don't work as well for people with narrow feet--the right width is too short and the right length is too wide. They're truly meant to be beach and pool shoes, but are far better for more widespread use than your inexpensive flip-flops. I find them great to be used in the house as slippers where you have a lot of tile/hardwood floors--particularly if you already have arch pain, heel pain or are otherwise painful when barefoot on hard floors.  


Some find them ugly, but, as with everything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comfort beats all.


My rules about shoes are as follows:

1. Shoes should be appropriate for the activity

2. Shoes should fit and feel comfortable, regardless of the number/letter on the label referring to the size.


If you have any questions about Crocs or any other type for shoe, please contact us  to schedule an appointment.





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