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Posts for: February, 2015

By Brandon Macy, D.P.M
February 08, 2015
Category: Foot Health Tips
Tags: fungus   Athlete's Foot  

Athletes Foot , also known as tinea pedis, is a superficial fungal infection of the skin.  It is the same fungus that is in tinea cruris (jock itch) and can also appear on the scalp or hands.  Often, the fungal infection can spread into the toenails, where it is especially difficult to treat.

Some people believe that athlete's foot only occurs between the toes or that if it doesn't itch or burn it can't be athlete's foot--but neither case is true.  In fact, oftentimes people think the skin on the soles of their feet is dry, where there is actually a significant fungal component.

There’s a fungus among us”.  Fungus is an environmental pathogen and can be found virtually everywhere.  It does prefer warm, dark, moist environments, such as occurs in public locker rooms, pools and health clubs.  However, plenty of people can get athlete’s foot without ever having been in such public places.  Fungus can be found in your own bathroom, no matter how well you keep it clean, in your shoes, on your floors.

Why do some members of a household get athlete’s foot while others manage to avoid it?  There may be a genetic susceptibility to fungal infections, just as some people catch colds more easily than others.  Some members of the household may naturally perspire more than others or have different personal hygiene habits. And sometimes it is just plain luck.

The keys to prevention include keeping the feet clean and dry; using powder on between the toes, wearing socks/stockings made of materials that wick away perspiration and avoiding (if possible) wearing the same shoes every day.  For those who perspire heavily, there are medicated lotions that can help in this regard.  Active cases need to be treated aggressively with topical medications and the prescription varieties tend to be more effective in this regard.

For more information about athlete’s foot, products to help prevent infection or a list of preventive measures or if you have other questions about foot problems you’d like answered, visit our website at www.clarkpodiatry.com.  You can also call for an appointment at 732-382-3470

By Brandon Macy, D.P.M.
February 02, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Sports Podiatrist  

How to Maximize Your Game with Good Foot Health

When it comes to exercise, your feet are one of the most overlooked parts of the body, enduring tremendous strain and stress during a hard workout. It's no surprise that an athlete's foot and ankle are prime candidates for injuries. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), poor foot care during physical activity is a contributing factor to some of the more than 300 foot ailments.

The following tips may help prevent foot and ankle injuries to keep you in the game.

Get a check-up

Visit Dr. Macy's office and your regular physician before starting any sport or fitness activity. This should include a complete foot and physical exam. During a foot exam, a podiatrist can identify whether your previously injured ankle is vulnerable to sprains, and recommend supportive ankle braces for increased stability.

Pre-workout warm up and stretch

Jogging before a competition or workout can help reduce the risk for foot and ankle injuries by warming up muscles, ligaments and blood vessels. Proper stretching before beginning a workout is also important. When muscles are properly stretched, the strain on joints, tendons and muscles is greatly reduced.

Treat foot and ankle injuries immediately

It's possible to injure bones in the foot or ankle without knowing it. What may seem like a sprain at the time may actually be a fracture. See a podiatrist at the first onset of ankle pain. The sooner you start treatment, the better your chance of preventing long-term problems like instability, and the sooner you can get back in the game.

Wear shoes specific to your sport

Different fitness programs require different footwear. Wearing the appropriate type of athletic shoe for your unique foot type and needs can help prevent foot problems while keeping you at your best performance. Remember to replace old, worn shoes in order to ensure optimal stability and support.

Pay attention to what your feet are telling you and remember to rest and consult our Clark office when you first notice pain. Exercising is a great way to stay energized and fit, but if you're neglecting the health of your feet, you may be setting yourself up for serious injury.

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