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By Clark Podiatry Center
September 18, 2019
Category: proper foot care
Tags: blisters   diabetes   toenails   Athlete's Foot   podiatrist  

One of the most common and taken for granted parts of the body is our feet. Maybe it’s because we use them every day without thinking that we just don’t always put a lot of emphasis on them. The truth of the matter, though, is that our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. Without them we’d be stationary, a condition not usually confronted by most people. It is because of their importance, realized or not that taking care of them is very important and should be of concern to everyone.

So how much importance do we put on them, and how do we make sure they are taken care of? Good questions. First, we need to ensure they are in good condition, and the best way to do this is to make an appointment with your podiatrist. Your podiatrist is trained to ensure that your feet are healthy and, if a condition arises, treated properly. While many of us believe we can do this ourselves, this is not always true or best for us.

Reasons to contact your podiatrist include:

  • Introductory appointment – if you haven’t seen your podiatrist, make an appointment now and have them diagnose your feet for any unknown issues
  • Regular visits – checkups can keep your feet in the best condition
  • Continued pain in your feet – pain is abnormal and an indicator there is a problem
  • Blisters on your feet – shows an infection or irregular wear may be associated with your footwear or part of a developing problem
  • Cracking or peeling of the skin on your feet – can be the sign of a fungus or athlete’s foot
  • Changes in the toenails – can be a sign of a fungal infection which can spread or develop into more serious complications
  • Diabetes – a very serious condition your podiatrist needs to know about
  • When home or over the counter treatments do not work – an obvious sign that more serious medical attention is needed

In any case, seeing your podiatrist is just good common sense. As we get older, we seem to get to know more and more doctors. Why not add your podiatrist to the mix and cover all the bases?

Need some more help and encouragement in caring for your feet or even choosing the right shoes? Schedule an appointment with Clark Podiatry Center to see our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Brandon A. Macy. He can assess your feet to ensure that there are no issues, making sure that you not only choose the right shoes but also keep your feet healthy. See us at our Clark, New Jersey office today!

By Clark Podiatry Center
September 28, 2016
Category: proper foot care
Tags: Footwear   Fall sports  

For kids and adults alike, autumn weather signals another opportunity to engage in sports. The daytime provides the warmth for outdoor time, and in the evening, the cooler weather prevents folks from overheating as they train. Footwear choices are changing from flip-flops and sandals to walking shoes, flats, and boots. With all the changes (including the colors of the leaves), it gives an opportunity to get new shoes!

Children and Fall Sports

At this time of year, school or town leagues are in full swing. Soccer, football, cross-country, and tennis are in competition mode and children are trying to rack up points for their team. This is a good time to inspect equipment and especially footwear to make sure that your children are protected from possibly injury.

Footwear - Each sport usually has a specific type of footwear suited for the movements of the sport. Soccer and football usually require cleats to allow for traction on grassy fields. For those who are prone to ankle injury, there are some cleats with high tops to support the ankle. Cross-country and tennis will require supportive, cushiony sneakers for caring for the feet and ankles during impact and lateral movements. The wrong shoes can leave your child at higher risk for injury or even with an accident that takes them out of the sport for the season.

Equipment – Some sports have protective equipment as part of their uniforms. Football players have shoulder pads and helmets and some other sports have shin guards for impact situations. Inspect equipment to make sure that they are in shape to protect against those impacts that could lead to broken or fractured bones.

Adults and Fall Sports

There are also many adult leagues outside of the professional groups like the NFL and MLS. For recreational sports, adults should also make sure that you have protective gear and footwear. In addition to the common fall sports, hiking and marathons are also popular fall activities. As adults, we are not less at risk for injury, so make sure to wear any protective gear. We at Clark Podiatry Center want to encourage you to train with supportive and properly cushioned sneakers for running. Hikers should use boots that are “broken-in” before the first hike and make sure to stretch and warm up feet, ankles, and legs.

For those who have injuries or foot/ankle issue, but want to participate in fall sports, we recommend that you make an appointment to see Dr. Brandon Macy before you engage in anything that might worsen your problems. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Macy, serves the Clark, NJ area, as well as the town of Westfield and surrounding Union County to keep you walking.

By Clark Podiatry Center
October 27, 2015
Category: proper foot care
Tags: Untagged

Let’s learn about our feet. We all take our feet for granted and truly do not comprehend their importance. Our feet get us from point A to point B, they walk, they stomp, they run, they skip, they climb and they jog. They do so much for us each day of our lives but we know so little about our feet and how they do these daily tasks without us ever stopping to think. We only pay attention to our feet when we are in pain, or get some unsightly foot problem such as a callus, a corn or a wart. Even then, we don’t often wonder how we got it but just get annoyed and upset and curse the shoes we were wearing or how troublesome the whole issue is. So, let’s take a look at some common foot facts.

  1. 75% of the population deals with at least one foot problem.
  2. ¼ of all your bones are located in your feet.
  3. The thickest part of your skin is on the soles of your feet.
  4. Your finger nails grow faster than your toe nails.
  5. Standing takes more effort than walking.
  6. Some people never grow an arch in their foot.
  7. You have 250,000 sweat glands in your feet.
  8. Ankle sprains are most common in men.
  9. The best exercise for weight loss is walking.
  10. Older people tend to have more foot problems due to loss of bone density.
  11. If you have foot problems chances are you may also have other health problems.
  12. It is rare for people to be born with foot problems.
  13. There are 26 bones in your foot.
  14. Elephants use their feet for hearing.
  15. Dogs who excessively itch or lick their feet may have infections or parasites.
  16. Women are 4 times more likely than men to develop foot problems.
  17. Many children are born with flat feet.
  18. It is very common for children to toe walk.
  19. No two feet are exactly the same in size.
  20. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in America.
  21. Most foot ailments can be prevented by investing in good shoes and proper foot care.
  22. Flip flops are bad for your feet.
  23. It is not advisable to walk barefoot. This increases chances of infections and viruses.
  24. Home remedies do not work for painful feet.
  25. Shaving your calluses at home will lead to more problems.

Contact Dr. Brandon Macy, board certified podiatrist, to consult with him and his staff about what’s troubling your feet. Don’t ignore your foot troubles and get an accurate diagnosis. Call Clark Podiatry at (732) 382-3470 or book your online consultation. Dr. Brandon Macy is conveniently located in Clark, New Jersey and treats children, men and women.


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