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Electronic Health Records (EHR).  It means different things to diffferent people.  Very "21st Century", it can seem a technological enhancement, part of modern health care.  To others, it can be more scary, if they're wary about health information being available on a computer, fearful that somehow anybody can find out about their personal medical history.  For doctors just starting with electronic medical records it can be intimidating in the learning process, changes in office processes and the significant costs involved when reimbursements from insurance companies are steadly declining.

Our office has used electronic medical records since 1996 and practice management (business) softwaresince the early 90s.  We're currently  in the process of upgrading and updating those programs, actually switching over to one unified  program.  Even with our extensive experience, setting up and learning the new programs is a major undertaking.  We're planning on going 'live' in late June and the hope is that the learning happens quickly and there are few bumps in the road.  In the long run it should benefit our practice and our patients.

Once we get used to everything, processes should be streamlined, making treatment and your time spent in the office go more efficiently. We should be able to accomplish more work in the same amount of time, being able to schedule more patients in a day without sacrificing quality of care at all.  In fact, with new processes and other efficiencies of EHR, the quality of care and positive outcomes should increase.  For example, we'll be better able to track diabetics to keep them on schedule for regular care.  Patients who have had orthotics can be monitored better for their progress, need for orthotic adjustments or replacements to keep them walking in comfort.  When you're in need, you'll be able to schedule an available appointment sooner.

Most prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy electronically, you'll be able to receive your prescription sooner and pharmacists will be able to read the prescriptions better, resulting in fewer callbacks and other delays.  Due to the nature of EHR, it will be easier to be alerted to drug-drug interactions and other contraindications due to factor such as allergies.

These records will also allow for improved communication with your other doctors, particularly your primary care physician.  It doesn't have tp be explained that this can only enhance your medical care when all of your doctors are on the same page.  Especially for those with multiple meddical issues, coordination of care is very important.

Are tehre security issues involved in your health records?  Absolutely.  And we have formalized processes in place to ensure the security and confidentiality of your medical records.  Federal HIPAA laws require it and we make every effort to comply with all HIPAA regulations.  No records can be released to any third party without your permission.

All in all, while the transition period is going to make things a bit hectic for us, the changes you notice in our day-to-day operations will be few.  But all of them will ultimately be to improve the quality of care you receive.

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