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By Clark Podiatry Center
May 31, 2016
Category: Athletic Shoes
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Walking into an athletic footwear store can be quite overwhelming. Do you buy cross-trainers, running shoes, climbing shoes, basketball shoes, cycling shoes, tennis shoes, crossfit shoes, or wrestling shoes? Usually, this can be answered by asking yourself what you would like to do at the gym.  You wouldn’t get casual walking shoes if your main workout is cardio on the treadmill. Cross-trainers are actually best for a variety of exercises, which include running straight as well as lateral movements.

Cross-trainers are usually good gym shoes because they have good grip, durable insoles, and stability through material that is tough, but flexible. To prevent the typical smelly gym shoes, they are also usually made with mesh material, which allows for airflow and breathability. In case of training with a lot of side-to-side motion, cross-trainers also provide good ankle support, especially when laced up correctly.

Training at the gym is beneficial for your health, but make sure that you know how to use the equipment correctly and use proper form. If you have concerns about working out with previous ankle or foot injuries, contact Dr. Brandon Macy, our board-certified podiatrist at Clark Podiatry Center. He will work with you to figure out the best shoes to wear and a plan of workouts you can do to maintain your podiatric and overall health.

An important additional consideration is your footwear after your workout, when you’ve hit the showers. While you may think that it’s just water on the shower floor, there is definitely a lot more that takes residence there. Sweat oils and dead skin cells are obviously there, but so are strains of mold, algae, bacteria, and fungi (like athlete’s foot and ringworm) that grow in moist environments or are brought there from other people’s feet. To top it off, people may urinate in those stalls!

While the floors are cleaned with strong chemicals, the cleaning doesn’t occur between each person, so you never know what you may be exposed to. So the next time you gear up to go to the gym, make sure you grab your cross-trainers, headphones, towel, water bottle, and anything else you may need for your workout – but don’t forget those flip flops!

If you are concerned you may have been exposed or have symptoms of foot disease, make an appointment with us at our Clark, NJ office.

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